About Us

    Logos Christian Fellowship is
    both a Church-Universal and
    Trans-Denominational entity.
    The term Church-Universal
    emphasizes our ministerial
    paradigm, which is to serve the
    entirety of the Church, the
    Body of Christ. Concurrently,
    the term Trans-Denominational
    emphasizes our ideological
    paradigm, which is grounded in
    our resolute conviction that the
    absolute verity of the Evangel
    of the LORD Jesus is not only
    imminently transcendent but
    also effectually transcendent,
    galvanizing the denominational
    distinctives that should
    paradoxically coalesce (or
    come together) in order to
    reveal either the adherence of
    our dogmas to this verity or the
    digression of our dogmas away
    from this verity. It is our
    endeavor that The True Light
    of The Glory of Christ might be
    reflected in His Universal
    Ecclesia to the extent that GOD
    is glorified, The Lost are
    evangelized, His Church is
    edified and The Reprobate are
    scandalized. It is our
    unwavering assertion that the
    aforementioned can only be
    achieved via the sound
    exposition and proclamation of
    the Judeo-Christian text of