Conference and Seminar

With respect to our responsibility to the Church Universal, we are extending
our Conference/Seminar services to any and all fellowships and
organizations who sincerely desire to grow in the "grace and knowledge" of
our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. We have listed various topics that we
feel are indispensable towards the maturation of the New Testament
believer. There are no Conference/Seminar fees. We will not allow anything
other than the will of our Great God and Savior to keep us from
disseminating the Word of Truth, irrespective of climb or place. The topics
listed below are by no means exhaustive. If there is a topic that is not listed
that would be more suited for your purposes, please forward the Topic and
Contact Information along with the tentative date(s) and time(s) to

The Sovereignty of God                          The Transmission of the Biblical Text

The Deity of Christ                                   The Preservation of the Biblical Text

The Immutability of God                           The Priesthood of Christ

The Mutability of Creation                        The Priesthood of the Believer

The Depravity of Man                               The Nature of the Godhead

The Doctrine of Sin                                  The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The Doctrine of Salvation                         The Filling of the Holy Spirit

The Doctrine of Imputation                       The Apostolic Office

The Doctrine of Justification                     The Prophetic Office

The Doctrine of Glorification                     The Evangelical Office

The Impeccability of Christ                       The Pastoral-Didactic Office

The Derivation of the Biblical Text